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Discover how our innovative software solutions transform complex challenges into seamless experiences. Among hundreds of projects for many industries, explore our case studies to see the impact of our expertise in action.


SaaS Apps

SaaS App like SurveySparrow

We have created an effective analytical tool that is entertaining to use and offers immediate information. Your team can effortlessly implement the consistent flow of knowledge shared by our analytics.

SaaS App For Real Estate (MLS/IDX, Agent Websites, Skip Tracing)

Cloud-based document management, SaaS applications, Integration with the recurring billing system, Active Campaign library for mailing capabilities, and great add-on features Users may link their Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to their accounts, as well as their Gmail, Yahoo, and other email services.

SaaS App For Billing/Invoicing

We developed a very sophisticated billing system for this project that can be used by any sort of company to bill its customers. Recurrent, refunds, partial payments and refunds, bill promotions, and many more.

SaaS App For Credit Repair Industry

During the course of five gruelling years of constant development, diagnosis, evaluation, updates, and several late-night working sessions for support and security, we had to completely redesign the US's top cloud credit system.

SaaS App for Real Estate (IDX, Agent Websites)

SaaS app for property management for Canada country only. It also has a custom WP plugin to fetch properties from IDX to agent websites. .

SaaS App For Digital Marketing

A URL shortener/link cloaker tool with certain analytical capabilities is available via a SaaS service.

SaaS app for Email Marketing & Automations

This app is built in PHP-Laravel, MySQL, Stripe integrated. Key feature of this app.

SaaS App for Real Estate (IDX, Agent Websites, Skip Tracing)

SAAS app for Reala property management for Canada country only. It also has a custom WP plugin to fetch properties from IDX to agent websites. .

Mobile Apps

Skippers Training School Mobile App

This online and mobile application was created for an Australian Boat Training School.
The software enables students to register for courses and make payments online (share payment, pay later, etc.). Email and SMS alerts are sent to the trainers. In accordance with the location, a trainer can plan their availability and receive training assignments.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace Mobile App

We have implemented a bespoke MarketPlace Multi-Vendor plugin into OpenCart after performing extensive customisation.

Fitness Mobile App

During a period of 12 weeks, a fitness training method defines each workout.
The app records your training history, so there's no need to write down the weights you use for each lift on a notepad.

EMR Mobile App

If network connectivity cannot reach, a mobile application for verified and data entry was designed for therapists; the application was primarily intended for DVR (daily visited record).

Home Decor Mobile App

OpenCart has a built-in B2C web application. We created a plug-in for the "pperfect" delivery technique and made this website.

EHR Mobile App

EMR is nothing more than the abbreviation for softdevindia, a company that offers home health medical social services, direct patient care, involvement in quality assurance,

Fittpow Mobile App

Fitness training system outlines each workout 4 days a week for 12 weeks. No need to keep track of your weights on a notepad for each lift because the app logs your workout history.

Grocery Mobile App

This is a web and smartphone app for online and doorstep grocery delivery. Merchants register, add their products, and begin getting online orders. Riders sign up, get their accounts validated, begin receiving delivery notifications, and are paid a percentage on each route.

ECommerce Apps

Online Grocery Delivery App

This is an eCommerce web & mobile app for grocery delivery at doorstep. Vendors get registered, put their inventory, and start receiving orders online. Riders get registered, get their account verified, and start getting a delivery notification and earn a commission for every ride.

OpenCart Development for Hardware

Updated Russian Ruble exchange rates using data from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in Euro (€).

Smoking Essentials ECommerce Apps

Website for buying and selling cigarettes - We have you covered, no matter what kind of smoker you are.
You may start receiving all of your smoking necessities, at incredible costs, delivered to your home each month with just a few clicks.

Luxury Gift ECommerce

Are you looking for a special and elegant gift for your loved ones? Visit this page to view the top match items.

Jewellery ECommerce Apps

Searching for unique and artistic jewellery or a display piece? There won't be anywhere better than this.

OpenCart Development

For this project, we performed intricate customizations including quantity-based pricing for different client types. Size, colour, and other extras are priced according on the sort of customer. This was too intricate. This online application has been functioning flawlessly for the past five years.

Home Interior ECommerce

OpenCart has a built-in B2C web application. We created a plug-in for the "pperfect" delivery technique and made this website.

WordPress WooCommerce Customization

Used a pre-built Woocommerce theme for design, added many payment gateways, and developed customizations for sophisticated pricing setting, shipping, and tax calculations.

Shopify ECommerce Development

Used a pre-built Woocommerce theme for the website's design, added a variety of payment options, and made changes for tricky pricing, shipping, and tax calculations.

Rentals Agreement E-Commerce

We built the website and the backend Admin app for Admin to create rentals agreement and put products in it.

Web Apps

Handyman Review App

It was created with the fairly rational intention of assisting you in making a knowledgeable choice when hiring someone to operate on your home.

Chatbot Development

To answer questions from IT clients, we created a chatbot powered by machine learning.
NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Tensorflow are the two main components of this chatbot.

EHR Patient Management App

Agency uses an EHR software to handle patient health information and allocate patients to therapists. We create ten or more intricate forms for patient records, which therapists fill out to capture patient data. Therapists may enter data and maintain track of each patient visit using a web or mobile app.

Casino Entertainment Analytics Metrics

This is a method for scheduling casino entertainment. It gathers data from affiliated casinos nationwide so that its customers might take a chance.

Therapist Management Application

Professional and devoted therapists that work there help provide patients with high-quality therapy.

Parksby Web App

Bonito Web App

Self-Esteem Web App

Rental Lead Generation App

We have built a complex forms and GENIUS ALGORITHM to monitor leads and distribution among buyers. This app is semi-AI type so that the app does automatic survey to client and supplier both to make sure supplies do their best every lead we send them.


CMS WordPress Customization

Hide Your Love WordPress Customization

MindBody integration for GYM

WordPress-powered website with MindBody integration for course setup. We completely customised MindBody for difficult sessions, difficult trainer tasks, ongoing expenses, and soon.