Our work is always based on the latest, most cutting edge methods in software development – all to meet and exceed our clients’ business requirements.

Helped many small & large businesses to run their operations much smoother then ever using JAVA. It offers great Maintainability, Readability, Elegance, Faster development & DRY code benefits.

SASA has done hundreds of web apps for various industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Real Estate, eLearning, Shipping Cart, Entertainment and many more!  We have some of the top experts at developing web applications in various technologies with JAVA such as latest JavaScripts framework like AngularJs, ReactJs, VueJs, NodeJs etc. We also have customized many JAVA CMS for various types of businesses.


Our best practices ensure you get robust, secure, and dynamic SaaS application. We'll keep all your logic, to-do, & ideas confidential.

We use optimal software technologies and method to develop web application. Our top management and technical leaders are able to sort out your legacy application complexities, application integration challenges, database information migration issues, and develop robust SaaS Application.

We’ve been helping many companies to build and maintain their web and mobile apps. We will integrate any third party software that you need for your web & mobile application, such as recurring payment, subscription management, real-time notification, audit trail, auto emails, API & Webhook, Zapier, CRM Integration, and many more!

Our clients say, we're awesome!

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SaaS app using JAVA

Delivered over 50 SaaS apps. We will do your software development proven way which is faster, secure and stable.

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Gems development

Do you want to integrate third party app/service or want to customize your existing JAVA app, we can certainly help you.

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All-in-one JAVA Solution

Java, Springboot, Spring MVC, Spring JPA, Hibernate, J2EE, Junit and many more. – talk to our expert and they will help you for the specific technology expert you need.

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Beyond Agile/Scrum

Our experts use best tactics in design and development approach to deliver exact solution as per client need. That makes project more scalable, safe, and robust.

Our customers love SASA because we tailor every software solution to their specific business need. Tell us yours and we will surprise you with how easy it is to become our happy customer (and maybe even friend)

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