Case Study: EMR Healthcare Web and Mobile App Development


SASA was tasked with designing and developing a comprehensive healthcare web and hybrid cross-platform mobile application for several USA-based firms. Our team implemented the code and database architecture, and configured the server (DevOps) to ensure the application is highly scalable, robust, and secure.



React Native





Project Details

We built this application to manage the complete cycle of patient treatment, management, and invoicing. The application facilitates seamless interaction between the company's top management and therapists, based on the types of visits made. Key features include:

  • Patient Treatment and Management: The application covers every stage of patient care, ensuring thorough documentation and smooth communication between therapists and management.
  • Invoicing System: The system simplifies the invoicing process, making it easy for therapists to log visits and get patients' signatures, which are then used for billing the company.

Mobile App Features

The mobile app is a handy tool for therapists, offering several essential functionalities:

  • Patient Signatures: Therapists can easily get patients' signatures during visits.
  • Visit Logging: Visits are logged efficiently, facilitating accurate billing.
  • Automated Schedulers: The app includes automated schedulers that notify therapists to input missing data, follow up with patients, and manage their availability.
  • Proxy Therapist Management: If a therapist is unavailable, the app can automatically set a proxy therapist.

Integration and Automation

We integrated more than 18 large, complex forms for patient data, enhancing the system's functionality and user experience. Additional automated features include:

  • Data Notifications: Automated notifications remind therapists to complete any missing data.
  • Follow-Up Schedulers: These help therapists follow up with patients and manage their schedules.
  • Availability Management: Therapists can set their availabilities, and the system can assign proxy therapists when needed.


Our healthcare web and mobile application development project for USA-based firms showcases our expertise in creating scalable, robust, and secure solutions. By integrating complex forms, automated schedulers, and comprehensive management tools, we have streamlined patient care, management, and invoicing processes.