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We use optimal software technologies and method to develop web application. Our top management and technical leaders are able to sort out your legacy application complexities, application integration challenges, database information migration issues, and develop robust SaaS Application.

We’ve been helping many companies to build and maintain their web and mobile apps. We will integrate any third party software that you need for your web & mobile application, such as recurring payment, subscription management, real-time notification, audit trail, auto emails, API & Webhook, Zapier, CRM Integration, and many more!

SaaS app for Email Marketing

This app is built in PHP-Laravel, MySQL, Stripe integrated. Key feature of this app we built are
  • User registration system with email verification and password recovery features.
  • User-friendly dashboard where users can manage their email lists, campaigns, templates, and reports.
  • Allow users to create and manage email lists, including importing and exporting subscribers.
  • Intuitive email campaign editor with options for creating HTML emails, plain text emails, and templates.
  • Complex logic & automation developed for features like drip campaigns and triggered emails based on user behavior.
  • Developed tools for tracking campaign performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.
  • Integrated with a reliable email delivery service such as sendgrid, AWS SMTP server to deliver emails effectively.
  • Integrated the stripe & PayPal API to handle subscription billing for users. Implement billing plans, invoicing, and payment processing.
  • Curated library of email templates that users can customize and use for their campaign





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